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Food Services



Weekly Meal Planning

Rates starting at $150/week       (5 meals) 

         With busy schedules, it seems like our lives leave us with little room for cooking healthy and wholesome meals. While there are options such as dining out, ordering in, forcing ourselves to cook something quickly, or even the expensive (and usually disappointing) meal kit subscriptions, the weekly meal planning option by Another Helping Kitchen is your perfect solution.  Meals are tailored to include your favorite flavors without any preservatives or unnecessary additives.  With my extensive background in healthy, and mindful cuisine, you can feel good knowing that you are getting meals that will perfectly fit within your lifestyle.  This service is especially great If you are concerned about any dietary restrictions or allergies. I'm happy to work with you to accommodate each of your needs.

Smoked Swordfish Salad

Smoked Swordfish Salad


Cooking Classes

Rates starting at $50/person

         Have you ever wanted to get your friends together for a fun filled night in, a glass of wine in near by, and your hands elbow-deep in some food?  Add some spice to your next party with a personalized cooking class right in your own home.  Along with providing the ingredients and specialty equipment, I am happy to provide specialties such as beverage pairings (wine, beer, cocktails, nonalcoholic), recipe handouts, and even event planning/setup services.       

         Working directly with each client, I am happy to customize a menu based on your individual culinary interests in order to make the most out of your unique cooking class.  Cooking class themes include Bread & Baking, Regional Ethnic Culinary Immersion (Mediterranean, Italian, French, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc.), Global Ethnic Culinary Tour, Pasta & Gelato, Specialty Diets, and many more. 

Event Catering

Rates starting at $50/person (2 person MInimum)

         Whether your hosting a private party for friends and family, or an intimate evening for two, Another Helping Kitchen is the perfect option for a unique and memorable dining experience in your own home without all of the fuss.  Catering services are completely customizable and vary in theme, service style (family style, banquet, buffet, tasting menu, etc.), cuisine style, and can even include special additions like dining area design, beverage pairings, take away bags for your guests, and more.  

         Just like our other services, dietary restrictions are easily accommodated with our goal being a service that feels completely unrestricted (of course gluten free food can be enticing and delicious).  Again, each experience with Another Helping Kitchen is uniquely designed to fill the desires of our clients.  I know that by working hand in hand to develop your event plans together, Another Helping Kitchen can provide a one of a kind culinary experience that will leave you asking for more.

Flowering Artichoke Decoration

Flowering Artichoke Decoration


"Food that tastes as good as it makes you feel, from someone you'd want to spend an evening in the kitchen with anyway!"

/  Daniel Abbott, DINER  /