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Background & Experience

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           Growing up in a diverse American family of Armenian, Italian, and French-Canadian heritage, gastronomy was able to seep itself into my everyday life.  My whole life I have been captivated by culturally diverse cuisines far more intimately than most, and I am devoted preserve the memory of my cultures’ past through cooking, sharing, and teaching the values so deeply embedded within the foods of my people.  Having grown up in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, I was quickly drawn to using the best seasonal ingredients which are produced by my very own surrounding community.  I knew that others would love this way of approaching food that I had come to respect so much myself, so am here to share my voice.

          In 2013, I decided to pursue a formal culinary education in New York's Hudson Valley at The Culinary Institute of America.  During my time at CIA, I worked in an array of job positions including serving as contributor and Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper, a restaurant cook for the school's high volume production Apple Pie Bakery Café, and also as a cook for various dining events of various scales.  During my time as a student, I also completed an internship in Chicago, Illinois as a recipe developer/tester, market analyst, and food stylist for Highland Baking Company, a national bread supplier.  I completed my education at The Culinary Institute of America in the Spring of 2016, having earned an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Food Studies.  

          Upon graduating, I moved back to my hometown in the Finger Lakes Region where I worked at a modern fusion restaurant called The Cellar, where our specialty lied in marrying global flavors with top quality products from our local suppliers.  Here, I spent a year working hand in hand with the owner developing menu concepts that would best highlight the ingredients we were so proud to have sourced.  Day to day, I served as a prep cook, line cook, and expeditor for The Cellar. 

          After a year's work, I made the decision to continue my education at New York University (NYU) where I am currently working toward my Master's Degree in Food Studies with concentrations in Media and Cultural Analysis, Advocacy, and Global Food Studies.  With my eyes set on NYU, I relocated to NYC in June of 2017 and I spent the summer and fall of 2017 working as a line cook at Public Kitchen by Jeans-Georges.  During my time at Public Kitchen, I worked through stations cooking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night services.  My time at Public Kitchen expanded my experience by working with the diverse culture pot cuisine of NYC, as well as supplementing my previous experiences with the ins and outs only a true NYC line cook can understand.



Public Kitchen by Jean-Georges

Line Cook

June 2017 – November 2017

  The Cellar Wine Bar

Line Cook/Expeditor

May 2016 – June 2017

The Culinary Institute of America

Editor-in-Chief of La Papillote / Prep Cook

September 2013 – February 2016

Highland Baking Company

Test Kitchen Intern / Research Assistant

April 2014 – August 2014




Helping Another with Another Helping Kitchen 

          Another Helping Kitchen is a passion project of mine that combines various facets of the culinary field that I have come to love most: quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible from ethical and sustainable producers; regional American and international cuisines inspired by my own background and travels; sharing my food and food knowledge with those in my community; and finally, utilizing food as a way to advocate for the professionals working to better our food system and community.  My hope is that Another Helping Kitchen can be a mutual communication platform where ideas can flow freely and dish by dish, we can better ourselves, our community, and the greater network between food and society. Please refer to the "Services" page for more detailed information on what I can offer; "Recipes" to get a sneak peak of some of my signature favorites; "Blog" to learn more about my inspirations, network, and philosophy; and finally click on "Lets Eat" to contact me directly for consultations and inquiries. 

          For each of my events, I proudly source my ingredients from local NYC retailers as a means to support my local community, my local economy, and also to reduce the negative environmental and impacts of sourcing foods from far away locations.  While most of my food is sourced in this fashion, there are certain ingredients that are unable to follow this model.  In this instance, I choose to support producers who operate as ethically as possible, often supporting fair trade and minimally harmful suppliers.  If a product cannot be sourced to my standards, I adapt and utilize other ingredients that support a similarly mindful food system.  Some of my most-used retailers of these products are shown below:


Kalustyan's -

Sahadi's -

Union Square Greenmarket - 

Amish Market -

Counter Culture Coffee -


"Connor has an undeniable interest for food and the larger food system. He is a pleasure to know and a person whom I expect will be influential within our industry. I am excited for him and his future opportunities."

/ Professor Darryl Mosher, CIA Instructor /


"Connor is an exceptional individual who possesses many qualities that will make him an excellent future culinary professional. He is industrious, detail oriented, self-driven, and has the passion and stamina needed to excel in this competitive world. He is articulate, thoughtful and has always modeled a level of professionalism that is noticed by his peers and superiors."

/ Chef Karen Mecum, Chef Educator & BusinessPerson /